Bridge Apparel Co. is an apparel company built on support and strength. It was created with one mission in mind – find a way to support various causes that reflect unity for all individuals. Every purchase supports a cause.

Through the various pieces available for purchase, and the various causes benefitting from your purchase, I hope that you find the perfect item.


Bridge Apparel Co. was born with the hope of bringing better days and finding a way to help others. After two failed attempts at ending my life, I was left in a dark place where I struggled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD from previous life experiences. I felt lost trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I still struggle with the disorders, but I've found that helping others helps me to heal. Through my mission of giving back, I want to let others know that things do get better -- it just takes time and support from others. I hope to support those in need as much as I can in their journey to healing.

Founder, Bridge Apparel Co.